Thermoforming<br>Case Studies

Case Studies

Thermoforming Case Study #1 — Cover Assembly

  • Top 3 Pharma / Diagnostics Company
  • 16 Piece Cover Assembly Transferred from Former Supplier for Manufacturing and Cosmetic Improvement
  • Multiple Parts Redesigned as Part of Transfer Yielding BOM Savings Sufficient for <12 Month Capital Payback
  • Eliminated Bonded PVC Blocks by Utilizing Providien Design Concepts
  • Subsequent Programs Launched Leveraging Providien Design Approach
  • Removed Costly Painted Sheet Metal Component
  • Greatly Improved Cosmetics over Prior Design
  • Substantial Cost Reduction Compared to Prior Platforms through Elimination of Secondary Operations
  • Part Won Award at SPE Thermoforming Parts Competition
  • Improved Durability by Utilizing Twin Sheet Thermoforming

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  • Radiation Oncology Market Leader
  • 12’ x 8’ x 6’ Device
  • 35+ Part Enclosure Without Any Visible Fasteners
  • 200+ Item BOM Managed for Customer
  • Reduced On Site Assembly Time by 75% Compared to Previous Enclosure Consisting of Reaction Injection Molded (RIM) and Fiberglass
  • Custom Color Material Eliminate Paint and Improve Cosmetic Durability
  • Utilized Providien's Proprietary Spectrum Two Tone Pressure Forming Process
  • Power Supply Assembly Won Gold Medal at SPE Thermoforming Parts Competition

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Twin Sheet thermoformed plastic cover for medical use.








Award winning thermoformed part from Providien Medical