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Miniature Precision Bearings

About Providien’s Bearing Production

Providien has long been a leader in the precision bearings industry with more than 2 million bearings supplied annually.

Our products are manufactured and assembled to the highest industry standards by our Dynaroll division with facilities located in Sylmar, CA, and Wuxi, China. Our miniature ball bearings are manufactured at facilities located in Japan, Thailand, and Malaysia.

Dynaroll was founded in 1988 and has grown to become one of the largest suppliers of miniature precision bearings to the medical, aerospace, automotive and other precision demanding industries.

Where Precision Bearings Work Best

Precision and high-performance industries require superior bearing performance. Applications that demand high accuracy, system rigidity, and low noise, heat, and vibration generation are where Providien’s bearings are best employed.

Our strengths are in precision tolerances, quality materials, proprietary designs and the highest industry reliability.

Our Bearing Series includes:
  • Standard Open
  • Flanged Open
  • Standard Shielded
  • Flanged Shielded
  • Standard Sealed
  • Flange Sealed

Miniature Precision Bearings from Providien

PRODUCT Overview

Miniature precision bearings are rotational components, contributing to the high performance and long endurance of mechanical assemblies.

Ball bearings are found in almost every product that has moving parts.

There are a wide variety of bearings designed for specific purposes:

    • Standard roller
    • Shielded
    • Sealed
    • Thrust
    • Collar
    • Flangette collar

Where OUR Bearings Are Commonly Found

Bearings can be found in scores of household items, from mixers to sliding drawers to your pc’s hard drive.

Every ball bearing is designed to handle specific amounts of radial and axial (thrust) loads. They typically transfer the load from the outer races to the balls, and then from the balls to the inner races. Because ball are spherical, there are very few contact points on the inner and outer races.

What Our Products Are Designed to Do

Bearings are specified to handle certain maximum amounts of radial and axial (thrust) loads. Typically, they transfer their loads from their outer races to the balls, then from the balls to their inner races.

If a bearing is overloaded, it can easily become deformed due to ball flattening which will result in poor performance and eventually bearing failure. It is critical to carefully check load ratings and other parameters before selecting the right part for your specific application.

Instrument-sized and miniature ball bearings are highly precise machined parts manufactured with tolerances and raceway finishes measured in millionths of an inch. While they are precise in their manufacturing, their small size and sometimes thin sections make them susceptible to excessive handling forces. These high-quality bearings cannot be expected to perform to their maximum potential if they become abused or contaminated. Most small bearing failures can be traced back to the user’s poor handling and environment.

Designing your product with the right bearings is critical to your product success.

The Most Common Roller Bearings

The most commonly requested / design-in products are single-row deep groove ball bearings. They have a wide range of appropriate applications because they have:

  • Low torque capacity at startup
  • Low torque at running speeds
  • Excellent performance in high-speed applications
  • Remarkable radial load capacity
  • Good axial load capacity bi-directional
  • Low Noise Operation
  • An almost maintenance-free track record

How Roller Bearings Are Designed

Roller bearings are designed with raceway grooves on both inner and outer rings. These grooves have circular arcs that are of a slightly larger radius than the radius of the balls. In addition to being designed to handle radial loads, they can handle axial loads in either direction. Because of their low torque design, they can offer high-speed operation with minimal loss of power.

Our instrument and precision bearings are manufactured with the highest levels of accuracy. Because of this, our products are generally specified for applications where very accurate rotation performance and low torque are necessary, but where the load capacity is a secondary issue.

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