Dynaroll is now part of Providien
Dynaroll Joins Providien
Dynaroll is now part of Providien

Dynaroll is now part of Providien

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Founded in 1988, Dynaroll is a vertically integrated contract manufacturer of high precision assemblies used in medical devices, medical robots, surgical equipment, and medical disposable products that require FDA critical compliance.

Dynaroll is a preferred “dock to stock” supplier for many Fortune 500 medical companies globally.

Our expertise in precision electro-mechanical and mechanical assemblies, NPI management, mechanical design, and testing allows Dynaroll to provide fast and economical turnkey solutions for a wide range of medical industries and applications.

From single use products to complex multi Bill of Materials (BOM), our process control and vertically integrated manufacturing ensures your assembly and precision components will meet or exceed your specifications.

Our NPI team helps facilitate your application from the initial design phase to high volume production. Dynaroll is your complete solutions provider.

Ball bearings are rotational components that contribute to the high performance and long lifetime of mechanical assemblies. In all but the most low-end of products, bearings are used with parts that need to rotate. Different types of bearings exist for different purposes: standard roller ball bearings, shielded bearings, sealed bearings, thrust bearings, collar bearings and flangette collar bearings. Bearings can be found in many household items, from blenders to drawer slides to computer disk drives.

Bearings are specified to handle certain maximum amounts of radial and axial (thrust) loads. Typically, ball bearings transfer their loads from their outer races to the balls, then from the balls to their inner races. Since the balls are spheres, they only make contact with the inner and outer races at very limited points, a characteristic that allows the bearings to spin smoothly. Because of a bearing’s limited contact area, it can be easily overloaded leading to deformation (i.e. ball flattening), poor performance and eventual failure, so it is important for the person selecting bearings to check load ratings and other parameters.

Dynaroll supplies a full range of innovative and comprehensive engineering support for the design, testing and manufacture of a wide range of mechanical and electro-mechanical assemblies. From bearing life calculations using the latest COBRA software to solid-model design, we can save you time and money on your next custom assembly. Dynaroll is ISO 9001:2008 approved and is a supplier to FDA-critical and PPAP standards.

  • Manufacturing engineers create assembly
  • Detailed process instructions document production from manufacturing to final assembly and testing

Dynaroll will process your Bills of Materials from 2 to 200 line items, from concept to final assembly, on one purchase order, reducing the need for multiple suppliers. We offer an all-inclusive process that eliminates the customers’ costs associated with the incoming inspection of each individual component, creating a competitive, cost effective process.

Dynaroll – both ISO9001 and ISO13485 certified – specializes in tight-tolerance machining, which separates us from other contract manufacturers. We gained this world-class capability as a function of our precision bearing expertise. Our machined parts have historically needed to meet the tolerance requirements of our bearings and our mechanical assembly in support of the medical device and aerospace industries.

Dynaroll has implemented a manufacturing and quality system devoted to meeting the tightest of our customers’ specifications. Every member of our Manufacturing and Quality Control teams is dedicated to our customers’ requirements. We examine each detail of the parts we manufacture, and we regularly build fixtures and add equipment to our Quality Control department to fulfill the inspection requirements of various parts. Dynaroll has invested in state-of-the-art equipment, including multi-axis CNC lathes, Swiss screw machines, multi-axis horizontal and vertical mills with pallet changers and CMM measuring machines, which allow us to control costs and improve productivity levels and turnaround time.

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